About Us

Jeevan Zutshi has been dealing with California Real Estate since 1977 and has also been licensed as a Real Estate Sales Agent for several years before setting up his own brokerage. He is licensed as a Real Estate Broker in the State of California and specializes in marketing residential properties as well as commercial real estate, including Multi-family properties, Land, Mixed use, Motels and other investments.

Jeevan is a certified distressed property expert (CDPE) in California and directs his team in the marketing of REO, short sale and Foreclosure properties.

The team also helps those who need Loan Modifications.

Jeevan Zutshi Financial services has been serving California since 1984. Jeevan Zutshi serves as an Insurance Broker, licensed in California since 1984, and is an authorized agent of Blue Shield and Blue Cross providing Health Insurance and other financial services. since 1995.

Visitor and Traveler Insurance is also available.

Jeevan Zutshi has also been licensed in the State of California as an Engineering and Building contractor since 1996 and got involved in providing Engineering and construction services for land development projects and construction Management services.

Jeevan Zutshi has a Masters’ degree in Civil Engineering and Construction from San Jose State University, California and has worked in designing and building land development projects and facilities, providing Construction management, on very large Civil Engineering Projects. He serves on the Advisory Board of Transportation Improvement authorities currently and served as California Governor’s appointee on Departmental Transportation Advisory Committee from year 2000-2004.

He has also been involved in non-profit Boards and other Community Development Projects for decades.

For very reliable and committed service, please contact Jeevan today.